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Quality Control

In manufacturing, quality control is a process that ensures customers receive products free from defects and meet their needs. We take 9 steps to control the quality:

1. salesmen make the confirmation with customers on specifications, quantities, printing and the package, and get the signed contract.

2. after receipt of payment from customers, the financial department do make a record of the order with both sides of the sales department.

3. the Sales Department arranges the production orders to the Production Department, and double checking the product and packaging requirements.

4. the Production Department starts production scheduling according to the situation of production lines.

5. according to the order, the Production Department began to prepare the product materials and purchase packaging materials.

6. during the production of products, random sampling inspection is carried out to ensure that the specifications, sizes, quantities and printing requirements are correct.

7. when packaging products, random sampling is used to double check the number of products, check the product requirements. Then, do the labels and shipping marks, and prepare the packing lists. The goods are then placed in the subregion.

8. the Production Department submits the information of the sales department about the completion of the goods, and submits the inspection reports, the product photos and packing lists.

9. the Sales Department periodically feedback customers on the production progress of the goods, and submit customers products' inspection reports, products' photos, invoices and packing lists when the products are packaged. Notify customers to arrange balance and shipping issues.

10. The salesman confirms the shipping date with the freight forwarders, arranges for the goods to enter the warehouse, submits customs clearance information, confirms bill of lading information, arranges payment and makes other documents such as certificate of origin, and submits the information to the customer for customs clearance at the destination port.

11. contacting customer's to feedback on quantity, packaging and product quality after arrival at destination.

12. contacting customers about products' sales and feedback.

Quality Control