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  • AIR GUNS 04


product details

Air Blow Gun

Fluid type: Air (no other type of gasses or liquids); Vaccum.

Working Pressure Range:0-150 PSI

Working Temperature:0-60 °C

Used for: nylon tube or pu hose


(1). One touch type connection tool for air pressure pipe.

(2). Various uses depending on the user's environment.

(3). we offers a wide range of products and services in order to meet the requirement of various sectors: assemble and packing machines, automation, food liquid circuits, automotive process, etc .

Features of air blow gun:

1.Simply attact the appropriate nozzle for each use as needed.

2.Ideal for blowing out hard to reach areas round cars, equipment, electric motors or any other large or confined area

3.Used in all industry line, machinery and equipment, TV sets and computer repair, etc.

4.Good quality and durability. Easy to operate.

5.It is fit for the cleaning for any kinds of machines and equipments.

6.Latest design, it adopts the piston type structure. High pressure nozzle and is compatible with most stand attachments.

7.Different size, different styles are available, More design are available.